Gravity Blanket Review: Is It Worth It?

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Wondering about investing in a weighted blanket? I’ve had one for a couple of years now, so in this Gravity Blanket review, I let you know my honest opinion.

My Gravity Blanket was a surprise Christmas gift. My wife has a tradition of holding back a gift or three for when the big day is over and we’re unwinding from the childrens’ excitement. It was a particularly lovely surprise because the genuine, original blanket isn’t a small purchase. Whether it’s worth the expense is something I’ll cover in this Gravity Blanket review.

But first, the real basics:

What is a Gravity Blanket?

A gravity blanket is a weighted blanket that can help with insomnia, and also reduce stress and anxiety.

They are MUCH heavier than normal blankets and duvets. They weigh from 4-12kg (8-26lbs). The manufacturer recommends choosing a Gravity Blanket that weighs around 10% of your body weight.

Weighted blankets are very popular nowadays, and many different brands make them. However, the original Gravity Blanket brand is the one discussed here.

Gravity Blanket Review: My Experiences

It should come as no surprise that a weighted blanket is heavy, but the first thing you notice when you get one is just how heavy it is!

Gravity blanket

It takes actual effort to lift it onto the bed and lay it out. It’s certainly not easy to shake it out and flatten it as you would a duvet.

The standard Gravity Blanket comes in a soft and fluffy (space) grey. It was the only colour available when I received mine, but there are now blue and checked red colours available too.

This thing is seriously soft, and while I generally prefer the feeling of crisp cotton to something so…fluffy, the Gravity Blanket is very cosy and comforting.

So what’s it like to lie under?

The most crucial thing is that getting underneath a Gravity Blanket really does give you a feeling of instant relaxation. Many weighted blanket reviews talk about how it replicates the feeling of being hugged or “held” – and that’s a very good description.

Something that was a relief to me is that while the blanket is heavy, it’s not so heavy that it makes me feel “trapped” or constricted. One of the things that had held me back from buying one myself was worrying that this feeling could make me more anxious, not less!

But I needn’t have worried. It’s perfectly easy to shift around underneath a Gravity Blanket. Whether you actually want to (or can be bothered to) is another question entirely.

So that’s how it feels – but does it work magic? As somebody who wanted one of these blankets to help with anxiety and insomnia, the next part of my Gravity Blanket review discusses whether it actually works.

Does the Gravity Blanket Help with Anxiety?

According the the manufacturer, “around 78%” of people who use these Gravity blankets report a reduction in anxiety.

The “being held” feeling that weighted blankets give you is scientifically known as “deep touch pressure stimulation,” which can help to regulate cortisol (the chemical that makes you feel stressed and highly-strung), and boost serotonin (the happiness chemical).

Putting science aside, I am obviously more concerned with whether it helps with my anxiety, and I think it’s fair to say it does.

I’ve no idea how my own experience melds with the science, but as soon as I’m under the blanket I do get a kind of…”safe” feeling. The fact I’ve chosen to go beneath it also somehow demonstrates to my brain that I’ve acknowledged I need to do some self care.

A weighted blanket isn’t a cure for anxiety – but it’s certainly a product that can contribute to tackling it.

Does the Gravity Blanket Help with Insomnia?

For many people (myself included), insomnia is more a problem of getting to sleep than staying asleep.

For that, the Gravity Blanket works wonders. Once you’ve settled beneath its cost clutches, it feels like a huge effort to get out from under it again – and that’s a good thing.

I’ve had some great sleep under the Gravity Blanket. Although the manufacturer advises that some people may prefer to ease in gently, using it for a limited time to begin with, I quickly had no issue sleeping under it for the entire night.

Although I find the Gravity Blanket very helpful, and would recommend it to insomnia sufferers, I don’t tend to use mine every single night. I shall discuss why in a moment, after I get into the advantages and disadvantages.

Gravity Blanket Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Very comfortable and soft.
  • Great Quality.
  • Genuinely can help with anxiety, stress and insomnia.

The Bad

  • Ironically, the weight can make it an effort to use it all the time.
  • Needs regular shaking out to even out the filling material.
  • Can be hard to match to your bedroom decor.


I love my Gravity Blanket, and I’d definitely recommend one as an option for anybody looking for something to help with anxiety, stress and poor sleep. Right now – at the time of writing – I think that probably applies to most people.

But it’s not without some drawbacks. When it comes to making the bed, a Gravity Blanket doesn’t match your pillows, or fit well alongside a double duvet if you share a bed with your partner.

As such, I do struggle with where to put mine during the day if I want to keep the room looking good (and ironically, keeping everything ordered also contributes to reducing my anxiety!)

When it comes to bed time, unmaking the bed to lay out a really heavy blanket can feel like a lot of effort – especially when you’re ready to crash out. And that’s why – despite loving mine and knowing it helps – it doesn’t get as much use as it might.

But despite this, knowing it’s there for a particularly anxious day or when sleep eludes me is a great comfort. I may not use it as often as I thought I would, but I wouldn’t want to be without it either.

Gravity Blanket – Great for Anxiety and Insomnia

Ben Taylor



Worth the cost and really works – just beware that the weight of the blanket may – ironically – mean you use it less often than you expect!


4 thoughts on “Gravity Blanket Review: Is It Worth It?”

  1. Hey Ben, I was wondering if this blanket traps heat? I love the idea of the weight and hug factor, but am cautious about this due to getting too hot while sleeping.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    • Hi Maya,

      A tricky one. I guess it does a bit but I’m a hot sleeper and not enough for it to bother me. I tend to poke a leg out in the night! When I wrote my review I noticed they now do summer ones as well so they might be worth looking into.

      Best wishes,


  2. Hiya – thanks for this review. I have a Gravity blanket in my Amazon basket and I found this by chance and I’m now going to buy one! Just a quick question, they do two sizes – a double and a king. I have a king size bed and sleep on my own, so would you recommend a double or a king? Thanks 🙂


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